Guiding your first steps as an entrepreneur

Business advisory services now offered through Business Espoo. Our experienced team is dedicated to serving you free of charge, ensuring confidentiality, and delivering with robust professional expertise

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Business advisory services free of charge

We are here to help you when you are starting your business or looking for ways to develop your existing business. All of our services are free of charge, and you an book a meeting with us at any stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Services for those starting or developing their business

Starting a business?

How can a business idea be transformed into a business plan? How is the company’s financing organized? Who helps with accounting, legal affairs or marketing? Which business form is the most suitable for your idea? What are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? Starting a business requires careful preparation and it is definitely worth starting with expert guidance.

We provide sparring for developing a business idea and advice on choosing a company form. You should consider booking an appointment with us before applying for a start-up grant. 

For entrepreneurs

Support for growth, development and crisis management. We serve not only those who are planning to start a company, but also everyone who is already operating a business. We spar and guide entrepreneurs forward at all stages of a company’s life cycle.

We serve in Finnish, Swedish, English, Chinese and Russian, so it is also easy for foreign-speaking customers to turn to us. Are you struggling alone with things related to business? Sometimes it’s good to get in touch with an outside expert to discuss your company’s affairs. Our experienced business experts are ready to help and guide you forward.

Innovate and develop your business with an experienced advisor