Network of experts and partners

Our network of experts

In addition to our business coaching, you may need specialised advice, for instance on matters of law, change of ownership or IPR. Our business advisor may refer you to a professional in our network. The first consulting meeting with a network expert is free of charge. Further consultations are charged separately.

In addition to the experts, our partner network includes members who work with us to support entrepreneurship.

Accounting firms/Financial Management/Audit

Leinonen has an accounting firm in 12 European countries. We offer quality accounting and payroll services. If your goal is to make your company’s operations international at some point, Leinonen is the right partner for you. In Finland, we serve our customers in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Estonian. We also have experience of the accounting requirements for Tekes / Business Finland reporting. Contact us to discuss your business needs!

More information: is Finland’s most popular entrepreneurship service, trusted by over 170 000 light and small entrepreneurs.

The UKKO service takes care of financial management and paperwork, whether you’re working as a light entrepreneur or through your own company. As a light entrepreneur, you can easily invoice without your own company and only pay for the service when the customer pays your invoice. For private traders and limited companies, we offer digital accounting and invoicing services at an affordable monthly rate.

In addition to new entrepreneurs, also serves experienced private traders and limited company owners: we’ll get your paperwork in order with your old accounting firm and continue your bookkeeping when your previous contract ends.

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Marketing, communication, www-pages

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All marketing services from websites to promotional videos under one roof. The quality of a large advertising house, but the cost level of a small advertising agency. International and genuinely serving.

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Kamon is specialized in helping companies with product commercialization and any kind of marketing challenges. We create effective strategies and plans that are easily put into execution – if needed, we handle the whole process for you. Our main focus is on creating results cost-efficiently.

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Zoner is among Finland’s most popular service provides for website hosting. Through us, businesses can get their domain names, e-mail services, website builders as well as WordPress optimized servers easily and effortlessly. Our customer service is prepared to help you seven days a week.

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Financing and insurances

OP is a financial services group owned by its customers. We promote our owner-customers’ and operating environment’s sustainable financial prosperity, safety and wellbeing. Finnish roots, Finland’s most extensive service network and true customer focus make us a unique play in many ways.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Suomen Yrityskaupat is the largest and most known specialized in SME change of ownership. Our services are all the areas of company sales such as consultation of buyers and sellers, analysis, target and price evaluations, financing and taxation consultation, planning business operation, compiling contracts and of course all the practical execution of the sale including marketing. Eight regional offices, located in the largest cities in Finland, serve our customers. In international operations we have experienced and trustworthy partners.

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We at Tulosjärjestelyt Partners provide comprehensive M&A, restructuring and corporate finance advisory services. Our practice is focused on advising our clients on M&A and real estate transactions along with corporate and commercial law matters.

Our team has extensive expertise in advising in a range of legal and financial matters across various industries allowing us to deliver the possible outcome for you.

We are specialised in advising small to medium sized businesses in Finland as well as individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs through an acquisition.

Our transaction services range from transaction structuring and financial analyses to drafting all necessary legal documents and negotiating deals.

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We offer a free 30 minute consultation for all new clients. You can book a suitable appointment directly from our calendar: