Herttariikka Röpetti


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Herttariikka Röpetti and my company is called LOISTOKOIRA.

I make happy and fresh photo stories of our four-legged friends. Dog photography is the main product of the company. We have a mobile studio that comes wherever the dog and owner are. I have developed a new dog photography concept, where I use funny templates with accessories and stories. The customer can choose the template that is the most suitable for his or her dog. These photos turn into funny and memorable photographic stories. After the photo session, we can also make larger pictures of the photos, if the customer wants them on the wall.

I also make tokens of the ashes or hair of pets. A token with ashes made of glass is a beautiful memory of your beloved pet.

The web shop has a unique selection of hand-made knittings and accessories for dogs. We also sell sets of accessories for both the owner and dog so that they can dress in the same manner!

We have received positive feedback on Loistokoira’s photography services, products and web site. More and more people who wish to have pictures taken of their dog in a totally new manner find the company. We have agreed on photo sessions with several companies, so busy times are ahead.

How is your company doing at the moment? What are you working on?

At the moment our aim is to increase marketing in order to get more visibility and customers. I am also engaged in finding new partners for the company. We are, for instance, planning to introduce pictures of dogs to the web shop so that for example vets and groomers can decorate their walls with nice pictures. Cute dog pictures also look nice on nursery walls and make a perfect Baby Shower gift.

Summarise a piece of advice or insight that has been important for you – what would you like to say to a new entrepreneur?

You often get blinded by what you do, so it is worthwhile to ask others what they think about the products and services of your company, for instance, and what could be improved in them. Constructive opinions are important as they can give you new ideas.

Read stories about successful companies, even if they operated in an entirely different field than you. They have given me a lot of information and ideas for my own business.

Co-operation between entrepreneurs is also important, as it gives you better visibility and new customers.

Why is it worthwhile to seek advice? What does an entrepreneur gain from it?

It is useful to get an assessment of your business concept and polish your business plan and calculations.  The advisors can help you improve your business plan. When your business plan and financial calculations are ok, you will know how to go ahead and what you can afford. Besides, it is easier to get financing.

The advice within the frames of Start-Up Plus services is also very useful. The expert concentrated on matters that are important for my company’s success. I received good advice and valuable opinions about marketing, communications, price-setting and product development. Meetings with an expert help you far into the future.

Read more about the company at www.loistokoira.fi


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