Entrepreneur Day for Women

Entrepreneur Day for Women at the Helsinki City Hall (6.6.2022). Registration for this event has ended.

Registration for this event has ended. More to come in the fall 2022.

Are you interested in opening a business in Finland? Or do you wish to boost your existing business operations? Would you like to learn more, be inspired by other female entrepreneurs, get new and valuable connections and find your inner entrepreneurial strength?

On Monday, June 6 we gather to the Helsinki City Hall to meet like-minded women and learn about entrepreneurship. The event takes place from 12.00 to 16.00.

We have gathered an awesome crowd of inspiring, experienced and knowledgeable women to talk about this valuable subject.

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Nasima Razmyar (born 13 September, 1984, Kabul) is the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki, responsible for Education. Deputy Mayor Razmyar serves as the chairperson of the Education Committee and is a vice chair of the City Board. She has been a member of the City Council since 2012.

Ms. Razmyar was elected to the Finnish Parliament in 2015. She left the parliament in June 2017 in order to take the position of Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki. On the previous Deputy Mayor term she was responsible for Culture and Leisure. Nasima Razmyar holds a Bachelor of Humanities degree in Community Pedagogy from HUMAK University of Applied Sciences (2013) and a Master of Culture and Arts degree from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

We hear more on how to start a business in Finland by Kati Lappeteläinen, Head of business program of Startup Refugees. Startup refugees has helped people to start companies and find employment in Finland since 2015.

Pamela Spokes, Founder, Discover Design Do is a service designer and teacher who is passionate about designing impactful user experiences and teaching others how to do the same. Using her diverse skillset, she helps others to design better services – whatever their business is. She will talk about what you need to be successful as an entrepreneur in Finland.

Sallamaari Muhonen, a long time PR and marketing professional, journalist, keynote speaker and non-fiction writer will talk about how Marketing is more: so much more than just advertising or social media! She will lead us through the basic practices of b2b and b2c marketing.

Fadumo Ali, Espoo’s Entrepreneur of the year 2021 will share her incredible success story of how her company Hoiwa Oy has grown in just two years to employ over 2500 healthcare professionals with a turnover of 4,2m€.

Amina and Hodan Mohamed will lead us to a group work on empowerment, believing in yourself and putting that to use in entrepreneurship. Amina Mohamed is the founder of Qj-Diasporassa. She educates companies and communities in integrating diversity into their functions, and benefit from it. Hodan Mohamed is an equality expert and one of the founders of Hodan ja Halla.

At the end we will have coffee and refreshments, and a chance to do some networking.

Join us in learning and empowering women entrepreneurs.

12.00-12.10 Welcome

12.10-12.25 Nasima Razmyar, Deputy Mayor of Helsinki: Opening words

12.30-13.00 Kati Lappeteläinen, Startup Refugees: How to start a business in Finland

13.05-13.35 Pamela Spokes, Discover Design Do: A successful entrepreneur in Finland

13.50-14.20 Sallamaari Muhonen: Marketing is more

14.25-14.55 Fadumo Ali, Hoiwa Oy: An entrepreneur story

15.00-15.30 Amina ja Hodan Mohamed: Finding your inner strength as an entrepreneur

15.30-16.00 Networking, coffee and refreshments.

Please register on Eventbrite first. The registration is binding, so please come to the event on June 6, 2022. If you wish to cancel your registration later, you may do so on Eventbrite or by sending us email (yrityshelsinki@hel.fi).

>> Sign up for the event via this link!





12:00 - 16:15