Reka Csulak

Three Pod Studio

First (briefly) who are you and what do you do?

I am Reka Csulak, and as the founder of Three Pod Studio  I help businesses to translate their brand message to the universal language of visual art, and I also deliver professional practices to talented creatives. My specialities are commercial food and product photography, styling, recipe development and creative education.

How is your company doing at the moment? What are you working on?

My business is celebrating its first anniversary this month (July 2022). Currently, I am working on projects with my clients from both the Finnish and the global markets. Behind the scenes, I am also participating in photography competitions, being a regular contributor to a top British baking magazine and continuously improving my practices to provide the best possible collaboration experience for my clients.

What kind of help has EnterpriseEspoo offered you?

Even after multiple years of expat life, when moving to a new country, you find yourself dealing with a system that is unfamiliar. When I was ready to establish my company in Finland, I reached out for guidance on the process, and I got great insights and direct help with the registration and application processes. Continuing with the Startti Plus programme, I had the chance to discover effective marketing strategies and possible directions for the future growth of my business. I would like to personally thank Nikke Vainikka -my business advisor-, for his time and support at the very beginning of Three Pod Studio’s journey.

Summarise a piece of advice or insight that has been important for you. What would you like to say to a new entrepreneur?

Instead of figuring it all out yourself, I recommend seeking first-hand guidance from the authorities and from helping organisations, like Business Espoo. This way you can take accurate actions, save a ton of time and avoid mistakes or even fines. Finland has a great system in place to support new entrepreneurs in many ways from education, networking, business consultation to even financial aid. Transform these opportunities into effective business practices that make your customers happy and bring you closer to your professional goals!


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